Public Computer Use

The Columbia Public Library offers 10 public access computers for our community to use.

In order to use the computers:

  • You must have a library card in good standing (meaning no charges over $5.99) to use the computers.
  • If you are visiting the area, simply show us your photo ID and we’ll provide a guest pass for you.
  • Computers will begin shutdown procedures at 7:45 pm M-Th, 4:45 pm Friday and 3:45 pm on Saturdays.

Please note:  

  • Computer use is limited to 3 hours per day per person.
  • You may NOT use someone else’s card to log onto a computer!
  • Children ages 8 through 12 may use a computer if they are supervised by a responsible adult.  You MUST stay with your child while they are using the computer!
  • All computer users must agree to abide by the attached policy, which shows up at the beginning of each session.  Violations of this policy may result in loss of computer privileges and if illegal activity is being accessed criminal prosecution.
  • Kindly remember this is a PUBLIC library for all ages.  Please keep your screen viewing appropriate for both children and adults.
  • Print-outs are available from the computers at a cost of 25 cents per page (black and white only)
  • If you would like to listen to music or media broadcasts, please bring your own headphones so as not to disturb other patrons
  • Please keep food and beverages away from the computers

If you need help with the computers, please ask the director, the webmaster, or any staff member.

If a computer does not seem to be working properly, please let us know so that we can contact our IT staff.