School Class Visits

Teachers are welcome to schedule class visits to the Columbia Public Library, where their students will hear a story from the director and select books to check out.  This can be once and done visit or a visit every two weeks through the school year.

The teacher receives a library card for the class to circulate books.  It is expected that any books lost be paid for by the student who lost them.  Teachers will receive a “screenshot” of their checkouts emailed to them after each visit and should poll their class as to which student has which book.

The Columbia Public Library can also help these visiting classes with research for projects.  Please provide a list of topics as early as possible so that the director has time to locate age-appropriate materials.

Jager, our Reading Education Assistance Dog, often participates with these classes, as students always enjoy reading to the dog.  The public should be aware that school class sessions are “closed” to public interaction with the group.  Thank you for your understanding.

For more information, teachers may contact Lisa at

children reading by a window at the Columbia Library