Curbside PickUp Is HERE!!


Beginning June 8

  • Please CALL (717-684-2255) or EMAIL to request items. 
  • Prior to calling, please use the online catalog at to locate your titles. 
  • We will locate your titles and call you back to schedule a pick up time.
  • Limit of FIVE items at a time.  This includes up to THREE DVDs.  Grand total of five items.
  • Families with children will be given TWO books per child, if requested.
  • Unsure what titles you want?  We can do a “grab bag” pull of a favorite author or subject.
  • Only COLUMBIA materials are available at this time.


Patrons must provide this information when calling or emailing:

  • Name
  • Library Card Number
  • Phone Number
  • Titles of Materials requested
  • We will call you back to schedule a pickup after retrieving the items



  • You MUST have your library card! 
  • ONE person OR family at a time will proceed up the front handicap ramp to the library window closest to the front doors.  Look for the smiley face!
  • Please wear a mask when picking up your materials.
  • A staff member will open the window and ask to see your library card.  Without a library card, we cannot release your materials.
  • The staff member will give you your materials in a bag.
  • Please exit either down the steps or down the ramp.
  • RETURNED materials MUST be placed in the BOOK DROP.  We are not accepting returns at the window.
  • If you do not pick up your items at your scheduled time slot, they will be checked back in and reshelved.  We cannot accomodate changes in pickup times right now.
  • You may not pick up items for other people during this time.
  • We will be offering “Curbside at Your Car” only for patrons with mobility issues – time slots limited.