Code of Conduct

The Columbia Public Library Board of  Directors has established certain standards of acceptable behavior on library property in order to maintain an atmosphere that promotes the use and enjoyment of the resources and services of the library,  promotes the safety of the general public and the library staff, and protects the f building, furniture) equipment, and materials of the library.

Any activity that interferes with the rights of other patrons to use the library, disrupts the normal functioning of the library, could result in physical, emotional, or mental  injury to oneself or others, or could result in damage to the facilities, equipment materials is considered disruptive and unacceptable behavior.

The library reserves the right to require anyone who engages in disruptive behavior to leave the premises, the right to restrict privileges for a specified period of time or permanently. In most cases, a staff member will notify the individual that he or she is in Violation of the standards of conduct and will provide one verbal warning. Unlawful activities will be reported immediately to the police.

Criminal Mischief: Intentionally damages the property of another, includes vandalism and mutilation of library materials.

Drunk or Disorderly Conduct: Causes public inconvenience by fighting, unreasonable noise, abusive or obscene language or gestures, threatening behavior, hazardous or physically offensive condition.

Harassment: Threatens or annoys another person by physical contact or abusive or obscene language or follows a person In or about a public place.

Public Lewdness: Intentionally exposing private parts of the body in a public place.

Theft (Larceny): Wrongfully takes, obtains, or withholds the property of another.

Trespass: Knowingly enters or remains unlawfully on the premises.

Controlled Substances or Alcohol: Includes – using, selling, or possessing controlled substances or alcoholic beverages on library property, entering property while intoxicated or under the influence of Illegal controlled substances.


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