Circulation Policy

Books may be checked out for 2 weeks.  Renewals are unlimited for COLUMBIA ITEMS unless another patron requests the item.  Check with the other libraries regarding their renewal policies for their items.

Late fees for books:  30 cents per day for adults’ books and 20 cents per day for children’s books.  Maximum of $5.00 per item

DVD movies are checked out for one week.  A maximum of three films per person are allowed at a time.  DVDs may be renewed:  UNLIMITED for COL items, unless someone else requests.  Other libraries’ DVDs – check with that library

Late fees for DVDs are $1.00 per day per item.  These can add up quickly!  Please remember DVDs go out for ONE week, books for two weeks.  Maximum of $5.00 per film.

Children should not check out DVDs without a parent with them!  Parents who are unable to accompany their children for picking up DVDs must submit a letter in writing to the director explaining their circumstance.

If a parent is with them, children are welcome to check out DVDs on “their own” card.  Children under age 12 may check out only G or PG movies.

If no library in Lancaster County has an item you would like, please see the director – it may be able to be ordered elsewhere in the state of PA.  There is no charge for this type of inter-library loan, provided the item is returned on time.

If you have large fees on your card, you may NOT use another family’s member’s card to get around this.  We have a Food for Fines program which benefits the Columbia Food Bank and you can pay off fines that way.  Also, if you have lost an item and are billed for it, please see the director to get your bill reduced to what it actually costs the library.  We are happy to work with you to relieve your fees owed….please respect our policy of NOT using other family member’s cards!

Many people who lose a book ask if they may purchase a replacement copy for us – this is absolutely ACCEPTABLE for Columbia items only!  Please let the director know of your plans and bring the newly purchased copy to the director.

If you do not come to see us regarding your billed items and make no effort to pay for them, you will be turned over to the Keystone Collections Agency.  Once this happens, you will be unable to turn your books in!  Please address the situation before this happens – we want our books back!


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