“Understanding Medicare”

Monday, May 8th 2017

6:30 PM

May Community Program on Monday, May 8, at 6 PM is “Understanding Medicare”.  Led by Stephanie Yarberough of the Discover Medicare consortium, this program offers state-approved, accurate info on many aspects of Medicare, including:

  • Enrollment Timelines and Special Election Periods
  • How to Enroll in Medicare
  • What do Parts A, B, C & D mean and what do they cover?
  • What if I am Still Working?
  • Avoiding Future Penalties
  • Advantage Plan vs Supplement
  • Rx Coverage and the Donut Hole
  • Government Assistance Programs

Registration is encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome too.  Call 717-271-2326 to register or register online at www.discovermedicare.com.