One Book, One Community Book Discussion

Wednesday, February 15th 2017

6:00 PM

About Rose Under Fire: Rose Justice is a young pilot with the Air Transport Auxiliary during the Second World War. On her way back from a semi-secret flight in the last days of the war, Rose is captured by the Germans and ends up in Ravensbrück: the notorious Nazi women’s concentration camp. There, she meets an unforgettable group of women, including a once glamorous and celebrated French detective novelist whose Jewish husband and three young sons have been killed; a resilient young girl who was a “Ravensbruck Rabbit” – a human guinea pig for Nazi doctors; and a Nachthexen, or Night Witch, a female fighter pilot and military ace for the Soviet air force. These damaged women must bond together to help each other survive.

A book discussion of Rose Under Fire will be held on Wednesday, February 15, at 6 PM in our upstairs Conference Room. The discussion will be led by Mary Ann Heltshe-Steinhauer of the Library System of Lancaster County.