SRP: Fred Nell and “Sadie” 10 AM Park School (May possibly be held in the gazebo and in Locust Street Park if the gym floor is being waxed.)

Monday, August 14th 2017

10:00 AM

Many folks in Columbia know Fred Nell, who is a Columbia School District alumnus.  Fred’s dog, Sadie, has special abilities:  she can track all kinds of substances (even dangerous explosives).  Sadie has been used by businesses for drug testing employees; she also does school locker searches.  Fred works with various social service agencies so that those with substance abuse problems can get the help they need.  And when Sadie isn’t working, she LOVES to run and play.  Come hear Fred’s inspiring advice about the importance of education and doing your best in school.  And don’t forget your sneakers – we’ll be running with Sadie and she WILL wear you out!  This is a great program for animal lovers and those who have high energy levels!  Monday, August 14, at 10 AM – Park School gym.